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Christmas team event with Maranja

Take a walk through the illuminated center of Berlin while solving our exciting puzzles together as a team – a huge amount of fun and festive glow guaranteed.

Festive Christmas event in Berlin

Take a walk through the illuminated center of Berlin while solving our exciting puzzles together as a team – a huge amount of fun and festive glow guaranteed.

Maranja turns Berlin into your Christmas playground: our tour will lead you past its typical “Glühwein” stands as well as the unforgettable scent of holiday magic and roasted almonds – all of which make this time of year so special.

During the Christmas season (November to early January) we will even give you a hot beverage for free (such as mulled wine or non-alcoholic punch) with every tour!

Close to Berlin’s famous Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt, our puzzle tour “Theodor’s Challenge” directs you through the city center’s well-known paths as well as its enchanted alleys.

In the cozy season, Maranja offers you a variant of “Theodor’s Challenge” as a flashlight tour, beginning at sunset: equipped with gleaming accessories, our adventure fans can thus experience the city center with its numerous sights in a whole new way

Set out as a team for our illustrious puzzle path, solve the tricky tasks together and see how you will profit from a festive group experience.

Depending on your preferences, you can afterwards continue your meeting at the nearby Christmas market – or one of the numerous other locations in the heart of Berlin.

Your Christmas tour in Berlin

Varied puzzles outside

Adventures lovingly adapted to the environment. Puzzles with tablet and analogue objects.

Perfect for team-building

When playing in several groups, you can compare your scores in the end.

Sightseeing included

Right in Berlin’s historical center. Various Christmas markets for your follow-up program nearby.

In daylight or after dark

In winter also exclusively as a flashlight tour. Hot beverage from the mulled wine stand included.

Send us a request for your team-building event

Basically, we recommend a maximum of 8 people per group, so that every participant will have the opportunity to contribute to the tricky puzzles. However, you can also play with up to 10 people in a single group.

For larger Christmas parties, you should split up into several groups. In order to prevent the teams from giving away the solutions to each other, they will start at different times – 30 minutes apart. The pure playing time will be around 2 hours for each group.

Team with up to 10 people

If you want to play in a single group, you can immediately book a free date in our booking calendar. There you will see all available time slots. The price per group with up to five players is 140€ (incl. VAT), for each additional person you pay 28€.

Teams from 11 people on

For larger teams in several groups, we recommend the breakdown below.

You can of course deviate from this at your own discretion. In smaller groups, however, the puzzle fun is more intense and lasts a little longer. Just write us a short message. We will clarify your individual needs and check whether your desired date is available.

People Groups Total time Total price (incl. VAT)
up to 10 1 ca. 2 h 330 €
11 – 20 2 ca. 2,5 h 660 €
21 – 30 3 ca. 3 h 990 €
30 – 40 4 ca. 3,5 h 1320 €

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Your team event expert

    Impressions of your Christmas event with Maranja

    This is what other adventurers say about our Christmas team building event:

    Everything you need to know about our Christmas team event in Berlin

    Basically, “Theodor’s Challenge” offers everything you need for a successful team event, both in the light and in the dark. However, if you want to capture the special illuminated magic of the pre-Christmas period, we recommend booking the flashlight version of our tour.

    For a possible follow-up program you will be right in the center of Berlin – be it Christmas markets or other festive program items.

    We recommend a maximum group size of 10 people, so that everyone can contribute their amount to the puzzles. If there are more of you, we advise you to split up into several teams, which can then start one after the other at intervals of 30 minutes.

    If you wish, we can turn on the battle mode and the individual groups can compare their results in the end.

    “Theodor’s Challenge” starts, as a flashlight or daylight version, at Litfaßplatz near the S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt. This is also where your end point is.

    During the tour, you have to walk about 3 km, which will lead you past various sights around Museum Island.

    The tour of one group lasts approximately two hours, with a second team starting no earlier than 30 minutes after the first. Therefore, plan more time accordingly if you have booked for several groups.

    Depending on your motivation and experience with escape games, the playing time can of course vary. However, we have an absolute time limit of 2.5 hours to guarantee that all tours booked on one day will run smoothly.

    We have a special price offer for team events.
    Please contact us via email so can we can clarify the details.

    If your event takes place during the Glühwein season (November to early January), the flashlight version of our tour includes one drink voucher per person booked.*
    Of course, the stand that cooperates with us also offers non-alcoholic alternatives (such as fruit punch or hot chocolate), so that everyone can get what they prefer.

    *The hot beverage stand we cooperate with is usually open during our opening times. If this is not the case for some exceptional reason, you can of course redeem your voucher on the same stand at another time.

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