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All you need to know.

Is there anything to consider regarding COVID-19?

Currently there are no restrictions due to Covid! So you there are no group maximums or requirements for vaccination or testing. Regulations change regularly, so please keep up to date.

Our tours are quite demanding. We therefore recommend a minimum age of 14 years.
There is an optional possibility to activate an easy game mode. In this case, it’s a little easier to solve the puzzles and you can play with children from about 10 years. But of course you know your children best! If you want to bring puzzle-loving, younger children who don’t lose interest even after 2 hours, you are welcome to do so! If you want to choose the easy game mode, you can indicate this in the last step of the order process. However, your decision is not final: If you change your mind on site – or even during the game – we can spontaneously turn the easy game mode on or off. By the way, children up to 8 years of age can come along for free!

We also play in light to moderate rain, heat or cold. So always bring appropriate clothing and umbrellas if necessary, so that you can comfortably spend 2 hours outdoors. In case of heavy precipitation, we will rebook you on another available date free of charge. Just send us an e-mail with your desired date. Alternatively, we will issue you a voucher, which you can then use to book a new date at your leisure.

The level of difficulty of our puzzles is perceived very differently. People with a lot of escape game experience approach the challenge very differently than those who try it for the first time. However, our game masters are very experienced in supporting you with hints adequately, so that it should be a pleasant but manageable challenge for every group.
We have explicitly developed a simple game mode for younger adventure groups. In the case of particularly fast groups, we also have the option of unlocking bonus puzzles during the course of the game. So we always adapt to your game speed with our puzzles.

Since you are only outside, we can’t offer you to go to the toilet. However, the tablet shows you on the city map where there are public toilets for you. So you can get an overview of where toilet breaks are possible right from the start.

On the tour “Capital of Spies – Tegel Prison Mystery”, the public toilet is unfortunately only open seasonally from April to October. So it’s best to go beforehand.

The 2 hours per tour are set in such a way that they also take into account smaller breaks – or groups that are not too quick on foot.
So you will have the opportunity to have a quick drink in between or to get an ice cream for on the go. But in this case it’s best to let the game master know. That’s how we know you didn’t just get lost.😅

The game master can always understand where the tablet handed out to you is currently located. They are also able to see which solutions you enter – so that they can help you individually if necessary.
However, you will not be visually observed or listened in to during the tour.
So if a hint feels particularly “psychic”, it’s probably simply because of our experience. :)

If you book the appropriate group size, you may also play with more than 6 people. We recommend a maximum group size of 7 people, as the puzzles are not designed for many more people playing at the same time. Otherwise, there is a risk that not everyone will get the opportunity to participate appropriately. Our Spy-Tour: Mission Mastermind can only be played with a maximum of 5 people.

In case you want to play with much larger groups, we recommend that you book several games in a row. At the end, the subgroups can compare their results – and see who was faster at which puzzle.

Normally we start tours in hourly intervals so that the participants don’t catch up with each other. However, in this case we can deviate from this and let the following group start already after 30 minutes. This way there is less waiting time for you. If you want to make use of this option, just send us an email and we will clarify the details!

No problem, just bring the right amount of money in cash for additional people. You can also write an e-mail and we’ll send you the PayPal-link on the morning of the tour. Please also note the previous question about the maximum group size.

The most important thing is that you call us as soon as possible and let us know. You can reach us at +49 176 43457384.

If you are no more than 15 minutes late, you can still play in any case, but you will have a little less time available. In order to stay within the time limit, we have to skip puzzles in case of emergency.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to cancel your tour without compensation. Otherwise, there is a risk that the following groups will be affected in their game. Nevertheless, we will of course try to find a solution and make the game possible for you – possibly in a shorter version.

Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible if your delay is foreseeable. If we don’t hear from you, your tour will be forfeited in any case after an absence of 15 minutes.

Refunds are generally not possible. However, you can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the game in exchange for a voucher or rebook directly to another available date. Simply send us an e-mail with your new desired date. Please understand that we cannot make short-term cancellations free of charge, as we have reserved a place for you and have already scheduled our staff.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to redeem a discount code for vouchers. Our vouchers are value vouchers and are redeemed like cash when paying, therefore discounting is not possible. But there are alternative solutions for this case:

You buy a voucher for a lower value, and then redeem the discount code only when booking. When redeeming the voucher, you can enter both the value voucher and the discount code.

You book directly an appointment instead of a voucher. When booking, the code can be redeemed immediately. All bookings can be rescheduled free of charge up to 48 hours before the match, in case the date does not fit.

We will manually create a value voucher for you, and you pay the reduced price directly via PayPal. Send us an e-mail

“Theodor’s Challenge” takes about 2 hours to complete. Depending on how fast you solve the puzzles (and how quickly you run) it can be a little longer or shorter.

Your game master will adjust to your speed with his assistance. So if you are a bit slower, you will simply get one or two more hints. This way, all groups should stay roughly within the allotted time.

The absolute time limit is 2.5 hours. You should not need longer than that in order not to influence the gameplay of the other groups. Should you not be able to keep to this time limit, we will have to skip individual puzzles in exceptional cases.

No problem, dogs are very welcome.

But it would be nice if we could get the puzzle items back largely free of dog drool.

Please note that for the tour “Capital of Spies – Tegel Prison Mystery” there is a special riddle in an interior at the end. Unfortunately, your dog cannot come in with you. He can wait outside the few minutes right in front of the open door, so you’re always in close proximity.

Clear! The tour “Theodor’s Challenge” is barrier-free. You are welcome to bring wheelchairs, strollers, or your grandparents’ walker – as long as you can complete the 3 kilometers with it.

Unfortunately, the tour in Tegel is not barrier-free!

Yep, hearing is not required to complete “Theodore’s Challenge”. While our puzzle tours are not specifically designed for the deaf, previous deaf participants have super enjoyed the game and would recommend it to others.

However, it might be necessary for our spoken introduction to be translated into sign language by one of the people present.

Unfortunately, the tour in Tegel is not suitable for the deaf, as sound is an important part of the puzzles.

If you’d like to be informed as soon as there is something new, simply subscribe to our newsletter!
As you can imagine, our clever minds don’t stand still and we’re already working on the next adventure.
Nevertheless, as a young, creative company, it’s particularly important to us to develop everything individually and not just to buy ready-made puzzle tours. We therefore take great care in our design process.

You could say that. We are super grateful to our earth and are happy if we can make a tiny contribution to making it – and thus all of us – a little better off.

Ideally, of course, we would drastically reduce our global CO2 emissions right away. But as we all know, this is not so easy, so we at the Maranja Adventure Club are making do with this idea for the time being, until a sensible solution is found for everyone.

Therefore we let PRIMAKLIMA plant a tree for every tour you book. You can find out more about their current tree planting projects on the PRIMAKLIMA website.

You don’t always have to know everything exactly, a little surprise is also something nice!

But if you’ve already painstakingly read through all the questions and answers and are still unsure, here are a few more details (Minor Spoiler Alert☝️):

We’ll meet you at the starting point, where we’ll briefly explain what it’s all about, and we’ll clarify any questions that may arise. Here you will also be given a tablet and the first clue.

After that, you are on your own for the time being. Armed with the tablet and the clue, you search for your first target. There you will find more utensils in a bag, and with their help you can solve the following puzzles.

The tablet is your compass and decoder. It will help you navigate through the city and tell you if the code you entered is correct.

Once you’ve arrived at a puzzle station, you’ll have a number of items at your disposal. Assigning the items to the correct stations in each case is one of the many challenges to be mastered.

But not only that: various elements standing around will also help you find the solution to the puzzle. The most important thing, however, will be teamwork. Tinker together, exchange ideas and complement each other! Each person brings different abilities, and that’s what you’ll need in the end to crack all the puzzles.

After the last puzzle you can pat each other on the back, because the 3 kilometer long scavenger hunt will have been tricky, and you will have mastered it together. You can then crown the adventure with a selfie, send the photo to each other by e-mail and view an evaluation.

After this part is done, you will meet your game leader again and hand over the items to her – knowing that it is sometimes a lot of fun to get the grey cells moving and to work together as a team. And (probably) remaining in joyful anticipation of the next game at the Maranja Adventure Club.

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