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Team event & team building in Berlin

You are looking for a unique team event in Berlin? Our escape game tours are an exciting new mixture of Escape Room, scavenger hunt and sightseeing through Berlin.

We are the experts for your team event activity in Berlin

Our outdoor events through Berlin increase the level of cooperation and social skills, they promote self-confidence and create a unique community experience. This turns your employees into a team that then also works more efficiently.

Whether it’s a team event, company outing or seminar: With our diversified concept, you’ll experience Berlin from a new perspective – and ensure the best atmosphere!

Teambuilding tour through Berlin

Challenging puzzles outside

Adventurous puzzles lovingly adapted to the environment. Play it with one of our tablets and analogue objects.

Team special (for 2+ groups)

If you are play with more than one group you can compare points at the end.

Together we are strong!

On our tours you can only succeed by working together as a team!

Sightseeing included

You are right in Berlin’s historical center. Various restaurants for your follow-up program nearby.

How it works

The game master welcomes you at our meeting point and hands you over the first mysterious item as well as a tablet. The tablet is your GPS to the puzzles and also a direct line to the game master, who will happily help you when you are stuck or have any questions.

As a team, you make your way from one stop to the next – and solve the tricky puzzles by combining the surprising objects with your surroundings. Through the tablet we see whether your solution is correct. If so, you move on to the next puzzle location.

On your way, you encounter well-known and lesser known areas of Berlin. At the end of the tour you get a summary of your adventure and say goodbye to your game master, hopefully with a smile on your face.

Send us a request for your team-building event

Basically, we recommend a maximum of 8 people per group, so that every participant will have the opportunity to contribute to the tricky puzzles. However, you can also play with up to 10 people in a single group.

For more people, you should split up into several groups. In order to prevent the teams from giving away the solutions to each other, they will start at different times – 30 minutes apart. The pure playing time will be around 2 hours for each group.

Team with up to 10 people

If you want to play in a single group, you can immediately book a free date in our booking calendar. There you will see all available time slots. The price per group with up to four players is 140€ (incl. VAT), for each additional person you pay 35€.

Teams with 11 and more players

For larger teams in several groups, we recommend the breakdown below.

You can of course deviate from this at your own discretion. In smaller groups, however, the puzzle fun is more intense and lasts a little longer. Just write us a short message. We will clarify your individual needs and check whether your desired date is available.

number of people groups duration price (incl. VAT)
up to 10 1 approx. 2 h 330 €
11 – 20 2 approx. 2,5 h 660 €
21 – 30 3 approx. 3 h 990 €
30 – 40 4 approx. 3,5 h 1.320 €

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    Impressions of your team building event with Maranja

    This is what other adventurers say about our team building event:

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    All you want to know about our team events

    The Tour “Theodor’s Challenge” in Berlin is best suited for team events. You can even play with more people here.

    The sightseeing tour “Theodor’s Challenge” takes about 2 hours. Depending on how fast you solve the puzzles (and how quickly you walk) it can be a little longer or shorter.

    Your game master is always there to help you. So if you are a bit slower, you will simply get one or two more hints. This way, all groups should stay roughly within the allotted time.

    The absolute time limit is 2.5 hours. You should not need longer than that in order not to influence the gameplay of the other groups. Should you not be able to keep to this time limit, we will skip individual puzzles, but this will be an exception.

    For your team event, you may play with more than 6 people if you book the appropriate group size. We recommend a maximum group size of 8 people, as the puzzles are not designed for many more people playing at the same time. Otherwise, there is a risk that not everyone will get the opportunity to participate as they wish.

    In case you want to play with much larger groups, we recommend booking several games in a row. At the end, the subgroups can compare their results – and see who was faster at which puzzle.

    Normally we start tours in hourly intervals so that the participants don’t catch up with each other. However, in this case we can let the following group start already after 30 minutes. This way there is less waiting time for you. If you would like to make use of this option, just send us an email and we will clarify the details!

    Our awesome puzzle tour ends approximately at the place where you started: Litfaßplatz 1 (near S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt). So you can start planning your next steps from there.

    That’s right, you may have heard the concept of puzzle tours called city rallies, scavenger hunts, iPad rallies or outdoor escape games. They are all different words for similar ideas: You walk together as a group through Berlin, making stops at cool places to solve a tricky puzzle. Then it’s on to the next stop through the capital.

    In this way, you master exciting tasks together, encourage the team spirit while also having a lot of fun.

    Our city rallye focuses on the strong connection to the surroundings – so you don’t just walk through the city without a reason and solve a Sudoku puzzle on a random statue or copy a year into an iPad. With Maranja, you use sophisticated puzzle objects, interact with your surroundings, and solve creative tasks that require you as a group to think outside the box.

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